Clean, Available, Water

The Well Projects

Like so many other organizations working in developing nations we are digging wells. Bad water contributes to many serious health problems and disease. We are specifically digging wells in church compounds, working with churches who will commit to allowing the community free and unrestricted access to the well. We have 3 of these wells in operation right now and it has really sent the message of the love and goodness of Christ to the community around these churches. Our well in the village of Kimbo, located on the grounds of the Kimbo All Nations Church, now serves more than 2000 poor people daily and has the capacity to serve up to 5000 daily during the drought season.

Future Vision:

To establish our own well company.  We intend to buy the equipment and hire a team that will dig wells (for profit where we can) so that we can use those profits to dig free wells for the poor.

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