Our Kenyan Team

Bishop Simeon Obayo

Bishop Obayo is the Senior Pastor of Kakamega PEFA Church and serves as the Chaplin and Spiritual advisor to Worldcomp.   Over the years we have worked together with Simeon to help his church become a regional center for church development, leadership training and ministry.  Worldcomp was started in partnership between Richard Vicknair, Pastor Obayo and members of this church.  We now work in partnership with a number of churches from various denominations.



Osborn ObayoOsborn Obayo

Osborn Obayo is the CEO of Worldcomp Kenya.  Oversees all of our operations in Kenya.  He also Heads up our ministry to HIV positive people and their families in the slums of Nairobi. We reach out to HIV positive people, bring them into fellowship, show them where and how to treat their disease. Then we teach them to regulate their diets and help them to start businesses with the help of micro-financing. In the past few years we have started over 50 new businesses.

School in the Slums: Osborn and his team have now started a Christian school at the entrance to one of the largest slums in Nairobi to allow kids from the slums, who cannot afford an education, to attend school. The school now has 300 kids, 50 of them are HIV Positive, and the school looks after them. They also feed all the kids everyday, who are from the poorest families. We are continually raising money for the feeding of these kids. The long term dream is to build Christian Schools with a similar mission in other slums in Nairobi and continue to expand our help to slum dwellers.


Dr. George MatimbaiDr. George Matimbai

Heads up our Medical Camps throughout the nation of Kenya.  Our medical camps have serve over 55,000 poor people in the past 4 years.  In addition to our big medical camps in August, Dr George and a team of Kenyans are now doing many “mini-camps” in strategic area around Kenya.  Dr George also head our ministry to the largest boys detention center in Kenya (540 boys), who are housed on a work farm in Western Kenya. When he first connected with the center, the boys were living like animals in a slave labor camp. Their clothes were rags, their bellies full of worms, and they were sick all the time from eating off of wooden plates, bad water, poor hygiene harsh working situations and improper sanitation. 3 years ago we began to help Dr. George. He is now on the board of this detention center. The transformation is beyond imagination. Many of the detention center staff have come to Christ. The two head men, Sylvester and Billy, are wonderful men of God. The boys are being cared for and loved. They are accepting Christ and being discipled. The compound has been transformed. In addition to basic necessities we are helping Dr. George build an infirmary (clinic) on the site and providing the center with regular monthly support. George has also overseen the construction of 6 new church facilities in Western Kenya and he oversees our “water projects”. We are now raising money to dig wells in strategic places in Kenya.


Nancy OdwaroNancy Odwaro

Nancy Odwaro is the widow of Hosea Odwaro, who was one of our best friends in this world until he died 20 years ago of leukemia. Nancy struggled to survive for a number of years and out of desperation began to network with other widows in the area to support one another. Her widows ministry now involves 500 widows. With the help of friends from the West, they are building a Widows Center in the city of Majengo that will house a vocational center, a guest house, a retail shop and a cafe.  All the proceeds from this endeavor will be used to support widows, through microfinance and direct emergency support.  They are learning about “Group Savings accounts” and micro-finance. Nancy is an amazing person and we are supporting her work in a number of ways.




Simon BarasaSimon Barasa

Simon Barasa is Worldcomp Vice President.  He one of the most gifted men I have ever met. He is an absolutely brilliant administrator and an excellent pastor. He works for the United Nations in Kenya and is helping to provide food to 1.9 million starving people.   He is a “soil scientist” and has a vision to assist Kenyan food producers to take their farming to new levels of efficiency and productivity. Simon and his wife grace, who is also a very anointed preacher and teacher. She and a team of women manage our largest widows microfinance fund. We have a lifelong partnership with them for Kenya.