Our morning began with the killing of a snake at Nancy Odwaro’s house. In the 40 years we have been coming to Kenya we have never seen a snake, let alone killed one. It was a small but deadly snake, the kind that coils up and can jump for long […]

What A Day

The highlight of our day was our visit to the women who run souvenir shops just outside the Uchumi grocery store three blocks from our apartment. We have been visiting these women for five years now and Valerie has become a special sister to them all. On many occasions there […]

Victory In Jesus

Today we met a taxi driver whose name I can’t pronounce and who comes from a tribe in Kenya I have never heard of. Let me just call him Michael! As he drove us to our hotel, we struck up a conversation about the things of the Lord. He listened […]

Faith is the Victory

MOMBASA KENYA – FEB 2 We headed off this morning to speak in a church here in Mombasa.  It wasn’t on our holiday agenda to speak while we were resting but, as happens many times here in Kenya, we were highjacked by a mob of sweet Christians.  The service was […]

Is God Faithful Or What?

I got up this morning thinking that there would be nothing much to write about, but God has some more great adventures for me to talk about.  Actually the thought crossed my mind that someday my great-great grandkids will read these reports and know that God is an awesome God. […]

The Wows keep coming