Our morning began with the killing of a snake at Nancy Odwaro’s house. In the 40 years we have been coming to Kenya we have never seen a snake, let alone killed one. It was a small but deadly snake, the kind that coils up and can jump for long […]

What A Day

This Sunday we were at Elevation Church for the second time. Aside from seeing our projects here, I would love to take every one of my friends to a lively Kenyan Church, and believe me, Elevation Church is totally alive. Here you’ll find a classic Kenyan Worship Service– a combination […]


I once heard a prominent speaker on marriage talk about the difference between men and women. He said women can never “do nothing”. Even when they seem to be doing nothing, their hearts and minds and emotions are busy processing, planning, thinking and wondering. They are always multi-tasking. A man’s […]

The Torture of Rest

Recently Pastor Simeon Obayo gave this testimony to a group of Pastors: “When I was 7 years old my mother sent me to school. She could not afford a uniform so I went to school without one. All I had was a torn shirt and a pair of ripped shorts […]

Wednesday was My Day