The Shikusa Boys Detention Center in Kakamega is home to 450 teenage boys from 13-18 years of age. Worldcomp Kenya has now been working there for over 10 years. When we first started the center was nothing more than a slave labor camp. There was no electricity, no education facilities, no medical care, no restrooms or showers, no sports facilities or equipment and no spiritual attention given to the boys. The boys were filthy and their bodies covered with scabies. Their clothes were literally rags. Most of the boys had stomach problems because of the unsanitary conditions and improper hygiene. They slept on cold hard concrete floors and had to share blankets.

As the years have gone by we have had the opportunity to revolutionize this facility. Through our efforts and contributions there is now a school, a medical care facility, a sport court with a vibrant sports program. The boys have clean new uniforms and restroom facilities. The most wonderful thing of all is that most of the boys have accepted Christ and they now worship the Lord with great passion and love. The revival has even effected the prison staff. Almost all of them are now passionate Christians who show love for the boys.

I recently received an urgent request from Dr. George Matimbai for help at the center. George writes:

Greetings saints.

Today we had a board meeting at the center. Worthy to note is that the entire board expressed their deep appreciation for Worldcomp’s involvement and support in the rehabilitation of the boys.

The situation however isn’t so good as the funding by government is dwindling. Three items caught my attention and I beg you to share with us.

· Text Books for course work especially secondary school

· Bedding and mattresses: The mattresses that we bought several years ago are now finished. They have had to be thrown out. Blankets are now tattered and scarce.

· We are desperate for some storage tanks to catch rain water for washing and watering.

This listing is in order of priority based on my feelings.

Kindly pray over this and let’s trust God. He answers prayers.

Blessings to you all.


Just to give some perspective to these needs:

· Textbooks must be bought from local outlets. They cost $5 – $10 each. Textbooks for needed for 50 kids for English, Math, Science, Agriculture, History, Business and Construction.

· Mattresses cost $7 each and they need $450 of them

· Blankets cost $5 each

· A storage tank to catch rain water is about $150 and they need 6 of them.

I thought I would pass these needs on to my friends. Hopefully God will put the needs of these precious boys on some of your hearts. Let’s put our resources together and see what we can come up with.

Send Contributions to:

Worldcomp Kenya Relief International

7758 Earl Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98117

Online Giving at:

Thank you dear friends for giving this some thought.

How about buying 10 textbooks? 10 blankets? 10 mattresses? or a water tank?

Yours in His service;

Richard Vicknair