Victory In Jesus

The highlight of our day was our visit to the women who run souvenir shops just outside the Uchumi grocery store three blocks from our apartment. We have been visiting these women for five years now and Valerie has become a special sister to them all. On many occasions there have been prayer meetings right there in the parking lot of the store. A number of people have received Jesus there as well.

Last year Valerie prayed for the sister of one of the ladies whose name was Trafena. Trafena had been addicted to drugs for several years and was barely alive. The day after that prayer Trafena showed up to visit her sister and Valerie just happened to be there. She was in bad shape so we gathered around her and lifted her up to the Lord. Today, a year later, Trafena was there! She has been drug free for seven months now. She is serving the Lord and running a business with her sister. She looked marvelous! Nothing is more precious than to see the salvation of the Lord in the life of someone who is in bondage.

Tonight we dine with Simon and Grace Barasa. Our friendship with them goes back more than 30 years and it will be a joy to be with them.