There Are No Words

Our team attended services at Kakamegatown Church today. Valerie and I consider this our home church in Kenya. The relationships we have here are deep and genuine. We have walked with this group of people for over 35 years now and the foundations of Worldcomp were laid here.

When a Kenyan experiences something that is too powerful to describe they simply say “There are no words”. I am tempted to use this phrase whenever I come to Kakamega. In my humble estimation this congregation is the most mature congregation in Kenya. They truly have the character of Christ. Since I was here last year, the church has taken a step of faith and started five new branch works. This is something I have always thought they should do because they had more mature pastors sitting around than any place I have ever seen.

Next Sunday (Easter Sunday), after I speak at Kakamega Church, we have been invited to speak at one of these branch churches in a poor rural area. Come to find out, their congregation is meeting under a tree. They have a piece of land but no money to build. Each Sunday for the last few months they have been meeting and worshipping and praying for the Lord to bless them. An elderly woman from this group came up to lead a song in the church this morning and as she did I felt very strongly that I should help this group put up a temporary building. I am going to reach down into my own personal savings to help them, but I wanted to invite you to join me in doing this. For $1000 they can put up a building, made of timbers and galvanized metal sheets, that will seat several hundred people. We have a week to think about this so let me know if you would like to participate. I know I shamelessly ask for money, but honestly I feel this is an important part of my calling. I also know that different people have different burdens for different things. So if this is your thing, please join me in making it happen.

Our team of Americans are beginning to realize that they are getting much more out of being here than they are putting in. This is the way it always is. So many blessings and miracles take place every day. Several members of our team are having deep spiritual breakthroughs in their lives. It’s wonderful!

As always I can’t thank you enough for your continued prayers and support. Together we are blessing the heart of God and lifting a nation out of poverty.

All my love