The Prayers of the Saints 1

Just a brief note to thank everyone for your prayers for Valerie. She had a breakthrough late this morning and is feeling much better now. We are praying that whatever bacteria she had is on the run. Our daughter Rebekah posted a prayer request for her on her Facebook page and more than 200 people responded that they were praying and 150 more responded with a “like”. Wow! What a comfort it is to know that so many people care enough about us to lift us up in prayer.

The report from our medical camp in Narok was very good today. We set up camp in a Masai village about 10 miles before Narok. There is no medical facility in this place so the need was great there. Hundreds of people came with medical needs and they were very thankful for our care.

Valerie and I will be staying home for the next four days to make sure she fully recovers. Please keep us in your prayers.

Thank you again for your prayers and support.

Richard and Valerie

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  • Cliff n Terrilee

    Hi Rich and Valerie, Karis Taylor said she got an email last Tuesday saying Val wasn’t doing well. I didn’t get anything on that. Am I not on the extra prayer group list? Keep us updated please cause my little ol ladies in my Tuesday prayer group keep asking me. Love you guys. We’re praying every night (which is your morning) We all love you and the work you’re doing, Say Hi and send our love to Osborn, Dr George, their wives, Mary n Simeon and their family. Thank you for all your awesome info. Blessings, Cliff and Terrilee

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