Stranger than Fiction

Just finished several hours of fellowship with our dear friends Sammy and Rose Chacha. Yes! Their last name really is ChaCha, get over it! After listening to their story, I will never complain about anything I have ever been through in my entire life. It would make a spellbinding fiction story, but believe me this is stranger than fiction. It would be worthwhile just to come here and listen to stories. Compared to these stories most of us have lived tepid, uninteresting, and easy lives. I so admire these people for the incredible hardships they have overcome. They are now laughing at their past misfortunes and thanking God for the faith that it has produced.

Tomorrow we head out for Narok, in Masai territory. The following day we will launch the construction of a major well project at the site of our Masai Girls Rescue Center. This well will provide water for the center, for Lucy Kamau’s house, and most importantly, for the community. It will provide a sustainable income to the Center because water will be sold to the locals for a small price. Currently they are having walk for miles to get water from a nearby river. It is polluted so they have to boil it. We are thanking the Lord because we have waited for four years for the money to build this well. Just before we left we sold a piece of land that had been donated to WorldComp and the proceeds have made this miracle possible.

Please pray for us as we head out. Valerie is slowly recovering from her bacterial infections and we don’t want her to overdue it.

Blessings to all back home