Hello Dear Friends:


I have just received and urgent request from Osborn Obayo regarding his father (Simeon Obayo). [See the email below] Simeon has a very serious health problem. Several month ago his leg literally fell apart and he could no longer walk. The pain is just too great. The doctor tells him he must have a knee replacement on one leg and orthoscopic surgery on the other or he cannot walk. To make matters worse he is in such pain that he has not been able to sleep for two weeks, this has driven his blood pressure to a critical point and has affected his blood sugars as well.

A knee replacement will cost $12,000. I told Osborn and several of Simeon’s friends that I would attempt to raise this money as soon as possible so Simeon can have immediate surgery. Usually when a Kenyan needs this kind of surgery they fly to India where knee surgeries are done efficiently and at a low cost. Fortunately for Simeon there is an Indian Doctor in Nairobi who is regarded as an excellent surgeon. If we can raise the money Simeon can have the surgery very soon.

I will put up the first $2000 and it is my hope that many of you who know and love Simeon will pitch in to help.

If you would like to join me in this effort you may give through Worldcomp in several ways:
Give by mail at: Worldcomp Kenya, 7758 Earl Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117
Or you can give online at:

You contributions will be tax-deductible.

Thanks friends

Yours in love,

Richard Vicknair

If you would like to talk things over with me please call me at 206-794-5354

From Osborn Obayo: November 29

Hi Papa,
It’s true, I posted a prayer request on behalf of the Obayo’s family for my father’s health condition that has been worsening of late. This morning, at about 5 am I got a call from Mum asking me to find way of bringing dad to a Nairobi that he had been last week. She said, dad was in great pain, wasn’t able to sleep the whole night and that he was restless. As a result of this, his Bp had skyrocketed and was kind of immobilized. This would worry you and it did to all of us….We all got praying.

We are trying to fly dad to Nairobi and hopefully he should be here in less than ten (10) day. This is the earliest we could afford to. While in Nairobi, we will work on a possible knee replacement surgery…which the Doctors say should be done as soon as he gets consistent bp and sugar levels readings and money is made available.
This is our challenge.

Pray with us