Prayer For a Suffering Woman

Before we left the job site we decided to go next door to pray for the old grandmother from which Simeon and Mary Obayo purchased the land. She has a large tumor on her left foot that has now turned cancerous and she is in a lot of pain. As we approached her house we found her laying outside in the sun on a large rock, trying to keep warm. When she opened her eyes she saw two white people and five Kenyans standing around her. We told her we had come to pray for her and bless her and wish her well. Though she was in pain she smiled broadly and sat up to greet us.

When we were at the construction site several months ago, one of our team members, Per Bjorn Roli, felt led of the Lord to adopt this woman’s grandson and sponsor him in school. We had an extra picture of him and when she saw it she began to laugh and cry, “I remember this man,” she said, “he came into my house and prayed with me and he cried and cried and cried.” And while he was crying my grandson also cried. I will never forget him!” We all laughed together with joy.

Then we prayed for her, we gave her some pain medication and gave her some money. She was overwhelmed with gratitude and refused to let go of my hand. Several weeks ago we had a doctor look at her and he told us she needed to go to the city of Eldoret to be evaluated, that perhaps her life could still be saved with surgery. So some of us pitched in and raised $500 for her medical treatment. Next week Pastor Simeon Obayo will come and take her in his car to the hospital and we are believing God for a good outcome. I told Simeon to call me if she needed any more money. Please keep her in your prayers, her name is Lillianna.

Every life matters to God, my friends, and watching God smile on a poor little old lady who lives in a hut in the middle of nowhere is as touching as it gets.
We are so grateful to have the opportunity to serve God in this way. And we are grateful that you have allowed us to be channels of your resources to the poorest of the poor here in Kenya.