Photos from Pastor John Indagiz

Dear Worldcomp Friends: Thank you so much for your prayers for Pastor John Indagiza. We are so very thankful for God’s protection over this dear man of God. Below is a letter from him.

Praise God .I greet you hoping that you are fine in the Lord.

Last Sunday, morning at 5:30am, I was attacked by armed robbers on my way
back home from church where we had our overnight prayers and we were very
happy since the prayer was very good.

The armed robbers attacked us on the way and cut my head with a pistol and a panga(machete) and bruised my face.They did not steal anything apart from my watch and my reading glasses and injured me using their machete.I decided to shout for help and the robbers ran away.I stood up and immediately went back home.

I thank God because they were unable to kill me .And within twenty five minutes I was home.Every one at home was shocked and
Mama Mary immediately called for the taxi to take me to St. Mary’s Mission
Hospital where I underwent through first aid then I was taken
for an x-ray in order to confirm if my scalp was damaged.Then I was taken to the theater .Then from there ,
the doctor gave me 3 injection to ease the pain and to control the severe
bleeding.After that He stitched my head and gave me some medicine to go
with them back home.I am supposed to go back tomorrow for a check-up and treatment.

I thank God for He has been Ebenezzer to me and my life,world comp team for
taking your time and giving out a car to take me back home,for visiting me even in my house,I also thank all those who have stood by me in prayers up to this time.Sincerely I lack words to thank you but may our good Lord bless you abundantly as well as your children and what ever you do be blessed.

Below I have attached some photos from the first day I was injured sitting at the hospital,at home ,after my bandage has been removed and without it completely.I hope to get well soon and continue with the ministries that God called me to do.

Thank you in advance .May God bless you.

Pastor John and Mama Mary Idagiza.

Kindly find the attached photos