Lenana school medical camp

Dear Friends: At this time our team in Kenya is hosting a team of nurses from the Northwest University School of Nursing. They come each year for a month of practical studies on the field. Pastor Ben Sterciuc, who leads the team just sent me this sweet letter so I thought I’d share it with you. This is just small example of the fruit of your support for Worldcomp in Kenya!

Dear pastor Richard,
Words cannot express the joy we experienced in serving with the WorldCOMP team at the Lenana school! Our team of nursing students were so impressed by the organizational skills and quality of care offered by the WorldCOMP team to about 400 people who came to receive free medical care during this medical camp.
The students were able to interact with your team, with the patients and the kids from the school. It was awesome to reconnect with Osborne, daktari George, Harun, Emily, and the rest of your team! It felt like family welcoming us back. The students love your team too.
They couldn’t stop talking about it!

Moreover, at the end of the day, when we went to meet with the WorldCOMP team for dinner, I thought it was going to be a dinner…
but I was wrong, it actually was an awesome Valentine’s Day Dinner hosted by the WorldCOMP team for our team from Northwest University and also the team from Elevation Church (pastor Chacha, Rose, etc.)

The female students received a rose before dinner and there were a lot of tears…
The MC of the evening, Osborne, was quite witty and humorous and created a great ambiance! Dr. Matimabi, as usual, dropped some serious wisdom, especially about "sharing a meal which signifies an agreement"!
The speeches were profound and warm, presenting the work WorldCOMP is doing as well emphasizing the partnership we have together as we continue to do the work of God and impact the lives of Kenyans.

We left very encouraged and excited for the future we have in Christ and with one another as the family of God working together here in Kenya.

So, on behalf of Northwest University, Elevation Church and Vital Solutions, I want to thank you, your team at home and your team here in Kenya for such a special day and the warm welcome!

With gratitude,
From Kenya

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