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This evening I just want to thank all of you for your sincere and earnest prayers for Valerie. She is on her third day of feeling well and we are so mindful that your prayers have moved a mountain. We both thought for a while that we would have to cut our stay short and head for home, but we now have the assurance that there is still some important things for us to do.

This weekend we will host a conference for our Network Partners. We are expecting about 75 of the 125 men and woman who make up the core group of our WorldComp Kenya team. We are so looking forward to this weekend because so many of these dear people are our heroes. We do our work with lots of resources and prayer from back home, while they do theirs with little or nothing. They hold in their hearts a passion for the poor and suffering of Kenya and they are on the front lines here in this world. With this in mind we have rented a conference hall. We’ll put about 20 of them up for the night, pay for their transportation, serve them two delicious meals and honor them for their work.

Next week Valerie and I will swing back through Western Kenya to check on the progress of the new orphanage. We will deliver a new candle machine to the Widows at Majengo. We will spend time with Simeon and Mary Obayo, and with our dear friend Gagan and her family in Miwani. Then we will make a special trip to the city of Necatch to pray for an old friend, Dina Ocholla, whose husband is dying of cancer.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We love you so much

Richard and Valerie

Valerie with Baby

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  • Phyllis Newton

    Prayers continuing for you Val and Rich. If I could I would be with you..but the Lord always is.

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