Jesus Shopping

Valerie spent the morning doing one of her favorite things, “Jesus Shopping”. Yesterday and today she was out buying new/used clothes for all of our orphans. Today we spent another wonderful day at the children’s home. Valerie’s shopping seems to be especially blessed. Again today, she bought 18 new outfits for the kids and every one of them fit perfectly. I have included two pictures, one of the boys in their new clothes and one of the girls.We also bought every child a new NIV Bible. Then we sat on the bed of each child and signed their Bible and blessed them. They all left their Bibles right under their pillows! How sweet!

What a delight it is to spend time with these children. Every one of them has a terrible story and a wonderful story. They were abandoned, homeless and neglected, but now they are in a loving family environment with brothers and sisters in Christ. Love it!


This evening our driver, Kevin, told us that the blessings are spilling over into his household. He came home last night to find his wife meeting with two of the women in the neighborhood. They had come over to counsel with his wife about their marriages because they envied the relationship that she and Kevin had. She told them that the reason that her and Kevin has such a wonderful relationship with each other is because they both had given their lives to Jesus.

As Kevin walked in the door she was leading these women to Christ. The Holy Spirit fell in the house. The ladies began to cry out in repentance saying “Lord! Please forgive us we have sinned”. They were then filled with the Spirit and began to loudly praise the Lord. Several other Christian neighbors heard the noise and came over to the house to join in. For several hours the all enjoyed the presence and the power of the Lord.

Richard and Valerie Vicknair