“Great is Thy Faithfulness, Oh God our Father”

Yesterday, Osborn Obayo and I sat on a rock together watching the new orphanage facility come up and we both got emotional because we were watching a long held dream come true. Those of us who know Osborn, know his passion for saving the lives of children and how he often cries when talking about helping them. Many of the things we are doing in Kenya were born in the heart of Osborn Obayo. Close to five years ago was the first time he told me that he had a dream to build an orphanage in Kakamega (his home town). I will humbly admit that most of the time when these things first come up I don’t have the faith for them. Generally, I can only think of the cost and the obvious impossibility of raising so much money. But God is faithful to allow me to catch up with his vision sooner or later. From the moment I said “yes” to this project, I have witnessed the windows of heaven open and have seen God’s resources falling from heaven. As we sat on the rock watching God handiwork, all we could say was “Great is Thy Faithfulness, Oh God our Father”.

God is good
All the time

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who stand with us in faith for the children of Kenya!