Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

We are in the process of meeting with all of our WorldComp leaders, one couple at a time. Each night during this week we are having them over for dinner to talk. Valerie and I are so blessed to be able to work with these lovely people. They are at the heart of all we do here.

Tonight we met with Jackson Shitakwa and his wife. We have just gotten to know his wife who now works at the school in the capacity of a cook and class assistant. We reminisced about the history of the school and marveled that the school has weathered such enormous challenges and has still prospered. We are always praying for this school and its precious students. Three weeks ago when our construction team stopped to visit the school we prayed together with the teachers for God’s blessing on the school.

Three days after we left, Jackson felt led to go and visit the Ministry of Education for his region. Now our school is not a government school. We receive nothing from the government! Nothing but praise! The government often uses Lenana School as an example of how an overcrowded school, with little resources, can produce a quality result with students.

Because of this, Jackson felt comfortable sitting down with the officers in the Administration Office and talking. At the end of his visit, to Jackson’s surprise, the head of the department, decided to give Jackson a gift. He went the storage room and gave Jackson 1000 exercise books and a large number of valuable textbooks for the school. Jackson was blown away, and we were too, as he told this story of God’s provision through prayer. “Where the Lord abides, He provides.

I think sometimes in our world of plenty we all too often do not have to rely upon God to supply the essentials. Here in Kenya, where the cupboards are always bare, those who love and worship him really have to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread”. We are happy when God provides abundance, they are happy when God provides enough. Such faith always touches my heart and it makes me want to press closer to God and watch how he opens the windows of heaven to meet the needs of those He loves. Believe me I have more than enough, but I am privileged to pray for the needs of others.

My thanks again for all those who give to make this ministry possible. Together we are making a difference here in Kenya.

Love you all