Delivery Day

Today, at long last, we finally delivered a candle machine to the widows of the Solid Rock Widows Ministries in Majengo. One of our wonderful donors gave the money quite some time ago, but logistics in Kenya are challenging. A spokesman for the widows got up and gave a word of thanks. She said, “May God bless you, may God bless your children, may God bless those who bless you, may God bless your going in and your going out, may God bless you with health and with strength, and may God bless you spiritually with knowledge and understanding of His will.” In the local language of Luya’s who live here the word is “Mugase”. So, Mugase to all of you dear friends.

In addition to helping the widows with many aspects of their new building, we are helping them to set up a vocational training center. WorldComp has provided sewing machines for a large scale sewing business and school, equipment for a baking business, and now, a candle machine that can make over 500 candles per day. The widows will take the candles to the places they live and sell them at a very good profit. The building still has a long way to go for completion, but we are giving a little here and a little there to keep them moving forward.

We are staying in a place called Sosa. Sosa is perhaps one of the most peaceful places in all of Kenya. It has spectacular grounds. And all for the small price of $45 per night. We love it here and we’d love to bring you here someday.

Tomorrow we team up with Simeon and Mary Obayo and Nancy Odwaro and head to the city of Necatch to visit our old friend, Dina Ocholla and pray for her husband, Leonard.

Blessing and joy to all of you back home. You are loved!

From Kenya
Richard Vicknair