Christmas In April

We thank God for the sudden inflow of money for our Home of Grace Children’s Home.  The staff and the children are beyond happy.  The deeper we looked, the more we saw the deeper needs the Home.  Here’s some of the things we have done:

  • We have purchased 3 new bunkbeds – really nice ones that will last many years.
  • We have bought 20 pairs of sheets, 6 special sheets for children who wet their beds,
  • 8 new mattresses,
  • 6 new blankets,
  • pajamas, shirts, trousers for the boys,
  • new uniforms for all the kids,
  • new shoes to match their uniforms,
  • 16 new foot lockers; one for each child to have their own space for their own stuff,
  • we have brought in a new water line from 500 feet away,
  • a new electric coffee pot,
  • hair clippers,
  • new Bibles for all kids,
  • and finally we bought a new sewing machine for the mending of their clothes and so all the girls can learn to sew (the boys too if they want).

I’m exhausted just listing it all.  Valerie loves shopping, but I need a wheelchair after a half hour.  Valerie wanted to go out to a special distribution center in Nairobi where mountains of stuff arrives from the U.S. and shop until she dropped, but luckily Dr. George forbade it because of her health. The place is teeming with dust and bacteria!  She would have probably been the only white woman in the place.  Thank you Jesus for your intervention!
But we are so very, very happy.  You have really done something really good!

Richard and Valerie Vicknair