Africa In Your Heart

AFRICA IN YOUR HEART? Do you or anyone you know want to help build and orphanage in Kenya? Time is short to respond so there will be a special information meeting at the home of Richard and Valerie Vicknair on Sunday January 17th at 5pm. RSVP please! Let us know if you would like to be included and we’ll send you directions.

WorldComp Kenya Relief International


WORLDCOMP is bringing a team to Kenya in March 2016 to help build a new orphanage. Participants will be working alongside of Kenyans to build and 20,000 sq ft building. Participants do not need construction experience, just two good working hands and a bit of muscle. You’ll have the opportunity to stay for 9 days or 15 days depending on the time you have. The details are as follows:

Option 1 (9 day trip) Leaving March 11 and returning March 20
Cost: $2000 Includes airfare, transportation, lodging and food

Option 2 (15 day trip) leaving March 11 and returning on March 26

Cost $2500 Includes airfare, transportation, lodging and food

The trip will be hosted by Richard and Valerie Vicknair and the Worldcomp Kenya Family. Here’s an opportunity to do something for poor children. It’s also an opportunity to build relationships with some of the finest people on earth and to gain cultural experience that is life transforming.

Interested? Please respond by email to rvicknair

Can’t go? How about giving some money to sponsor a team member?
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