A Marvelous Testimony

Many of us have been praying for Pastor Simeon Obayo as he faced a major health crisis after knee replacement surgery. He has been in intense pain, His blood pressure out of control and he was too weak to stand on his own. Several days ago this report came from his youngest daughter, Phylls (Offy) and it is wonderful. A marvelous testimony to answered prayer!

From Phylls:

After the operation dad’s health has been going down the drain. On Sunday,he was terribly sick and in pain.The other leg began to pose the same threat as the other one. But on Monday he had a visitation by God. He was asleep, my husband who was in the room at the time, says there was a sudden change of environment in the room, he saw dad talking to himself, while making gestures. After a while,he suddenly woke up from the bed, threw away the blanket and began wallking by himself. Dad later revealed to us that he saw Jesus; who handed him a scroll with 10 bullet points,all ticked right. He says he was too overwhelmed to read but he heard God ask him to stand up and walk. He is completely healed; no need for crutches.

God is good! All the time!

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