Christmas Gift List

Sorry everyone! I gave you the wrong giving information:

To give online go to:

Worldcomp Kenya Relief International

Serving Thousands of At Risk Children in Kenya


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Kids are the primary focus of WorldCOMP Kenya Relief International. Each day we feed over 700 poor children in the slums of Nairobi. More than 600 children attend our tuition free schools. Our “Home of Grace Orphanage” in Nairobi provides total care for 20 orphans and the “Home of Grace Orphanage” in Kakamega is now under construction. It will house 60 orphans. WorldCOMP’s medical outreaches provide free medical care to thousands of children each year.

Christmas Parties for Thousands of Kids:

Each year at Christmas our WorldCOMP teams in Kenya host Christmas parties for over 2000 children. At these celebrations children are fed a delicious meal, given gifts and they hear the Christmas Story. For 90% of them this is the only Christmas gifts they will receive.

Could you include a poor child on your Christmas list this year? Please consider a gift to WorldCOMP Kenya Relief. You have our assurance that 100% of your donation will find its way to the poor children of Kenya.

To give online, go to:

To give by mail, send your gift to:

WorldCOMP Kenya Relief International
7758 Earl Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

Gifts to WorldCOMP are 100% tax-deductible
Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

Richard Vicknair
International Director