Widows in Need

Next Friday Valerie and I will make a quick two-day trip to the city of Majengo to speak at the Solid Rock Widows Annual Conference. These sweet women are so very dear to our hearts. The life of a widow in Kenya is extremely hard, but God has called these widows together to help each other in many practical and spiritual ways. Last year, while we were at the conference, I felt instructed by the Lord to take a step of faith and give each of the women in attendance 1000 Kenya Schillings (about $11). The total cost was $1600. $11 sounds so small but, to these widows, it meant the world. One of the widows stood up and challenged all the widows to invest this money in something that would make a profit or to buy something essential for their home that would be a constant reminder that the Lord loved them. We heard a bunch of touching and wonderful stories from the widows when we came back several weeks later.

I was asking the Lord if we should do something again for the widows this year. At this time, we don’t have any extra money to give. My first thought was to lay a fleece before the Lord and just wait and see; If someone back home gave a significant gift to Worldcomp then we would use it to bless the widows with a small gift. But this morning I felt directed to mention this need to you. I have come to see that different people have different assignments from God. Some respond to orphans, others to educational needs, other to water projects and other to the needs of widows and so on. With this in view I am mentioning this need to our supporters. If any feel directed by the Lord to contribute to these widows, I want to give you an opportunity to do so. Every dime will be passed on to the widows. Nancy tells me that they are expecting 150-200 widows in attendance this year. To give them each 500 Schillings ($6) would cost $900. Please pray about this!

Here’s how to give:

By Mail at: Worldcomp Kenya Relief International, 7758 Earl Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

Online at: www.worldcompkenya.com/ways-to-help

We love and appreciate all of you,

Richard and Valerie