Valerie Is Returning – O Happy Day!

Valerie boarded the plane to head back to Kenya about an hour ago. She stayed back in Indianapolis for an extra week so she and here sister and brothers could clean out her dad’s house and sort out his belongings. Valerie was the last man standing and worked to get the house cleared out right up until the time she had to head to the airport. I just got pictures from her showing the house cleared out and cleaned. She will be utterly exhausted by the time she gets back here. While we were in Indianapolis something happened to her jaw while we were eating dinner and it is causing her a lot of pain. We are going to have in exrayed and looked at when she gets here. Please say a prayer for her healing and her strength.

We have a lot to do in the next few days before the team of nurses heads back to Seattle.

Spent the night tonight sorting out the finances with the Northwest University team. We had to decide who paid for what. It gets a little confusing because money leaves our pockets so fast in the work we are doing.

Thank you dear friends for your continued support and your prayer