Update on Val’s Dad

Hello Friends:

Valerie and I want to thank you for your prayers for her father, George White and for your prayers for Valerie’s health. This is our 3rd day here in Indiana ministering to George. I don’t know what your hospital experiences have been but let me tell you hospital care is not what it used to be. The nurses are very nice but they are so understaffed that it take 15 minutes or more to respond to a call. I am glad that Valerie and I are able to be here to make srue that George is getting the best care possible.

George’s condition is very serious. After all the tests and studies we have found that his problem is food and water. The muscles in the back of his throat are not working properly so some of his food and drink is getting into his lungs, causing infection and chronic cough. The doctor recommended a feeding tube, but George would have none of that. He is determined to do exercises to strengthen his throat and overcome the problem. Please pray that he is successful in this. He is 92 years old so his body is fairly worn out. He has periods of strength and periods of weakness. As a result we are riding and emotional roller-coaster. On some days it looks as if he going to fully recover and on other it looks like the end.

Valerie’s sister, Sharon, will come next Sunday and take over for us so we can depart for Kenya on Tuesday. We are just going to trust the Lord with George’s health.

On Sunday night Valerie and her sister had a late dinner at a restaurant called “Buffalo Wings”. It was the only thing open. While they are there they had a chance witness to a young waitress named “Destiny”. The conversation was blessed by the Lord and she eagerly listened as Valerie shared with her he plan of salvation and gave her instructions on what to do. Well we went by there last night to see her and she was just beaming! She excitedly said “I did what you said, and I am so excited and I feel wonderful. I am a new person.” She kept coming back to our table to get little snippets of advice for her new found faith in Christ. We are going to go back tomorrow to bring her a Bible and pray for her. Isn’t God good? In the midst of the darkness, His light shines bright.

Looking forward to our coming adventure.

We love all of you.

Richard and Valerie