The WorldCOMP Book of Acts

We told our wonderful driver, Joseph, that we were going to rest today! “O.K”, he said, “Now I can finally wash my clothes”. As a matter of fact it wouldn’t surprise me to find that our entire team is washing their clothes today. When we are here things keep moving and just don’t stop! No one complains, mind you!, because all of us get to witness the wonder of the works of God when we take some time out of our everyday lives and live outside of the box. We might want to try that at home sometime.

We are coming home in a few days, but I want to employ you to keep praying for us for a season. Valerie and I, both know full well what happens when there is a lot of prayer cover and then suddenly “there is none”. It has an effect on our outlook, on your health and on your ministry. So please let us down easy in the next few weeks. I can’t express enough, our appreciation for your prayers. I especially want to thank Melinda Jolly for heading up our prayer cover. She has regularly communicated with a committed group of people who pray and pray. We tend to get too much credit for all the amazing things that happen. I believe most of the credit must go to those who have lifted us and this work up to the Lord. I think we are all aware of the promises of God that go into effect when we pray. Thank you good and faithful servants!

I have a very satisfying sense that we accomplished our mission in this past two months, in spite of the setback when Valerie’s father died. In the past few days as we have met with our Kenyan leaders, all of us felt that the work has been moved forward as a result of the intense work we have done together. But we are also aware that God is challenging us to greater works of faith than we have ever known. We are in the process of writing our own WorldCOMP “Book of Acts” and we are grateful to be a part of this great adventure.

I have a few days of reflection before me as we pack up and clean our apartment, so forgive me if I sound reflective and philosophical in the next few days.

For those of you at Westside “We’ll see you on Sunday”. For those of you who worship elsewhere, we hope to see you at next Kenya night. We’ll let you know the date and time shortly.

Blessing to all of you wonderful people.