That Cannot Happen in Kenya

We are now in Amsterdam.

The first leg of our trip to Indianapolis is over. Something happened yesterday that proved again to me how the Lord is watching over us and that your prayers for us are having an effect. As we waited in the airport lobby for our flight back to Nairobi, I placed my iphone in one of those “charging stations”. I said to Val, “I hope I don’t forget this.” Sure enough, when our flight was called we just bolted for the plane and left the phone in the rack. We crossed the tarmac and got all the way to our seats on the plane, with our seat belts buckled. Suddenly a Kenyan man came toward us, literally pushing his way through the passengers in the aisle, with my cell phone in his hand. He thrust in into my hand and was gone. I tried to thank him, but he just turned and headed for his seat in the front of the plane. I thought to myself, O.K., I’ll catch him in baggage later and give him a proper thank you, but when we got off the plane he was nowhere to be found. Now this might happen every day in America, but for this to happen in Kenya is beyond anyone’s belief. When I told this story to my Kenya friends they simply said “It’s a miracle! That cannot happen in Kenya!” I took it as another sign that the Lord is looking after us. Thank you Jesus!