On the Front Lines

By 9 am today the auditorium was full of people waiting for treatment. It’s the second day and, as always, the word is spreading through the community that a free medical clinic in in the area and, best of all, there is free medicine available. Again today the spirit over the camp was one of peace and joy. Our staff is aware that this camp has been especially blessed by the Lord, organizationally and spiritually. Thank you Lord!

One cute thing that has come about is that Dr. Sapna Jain now has 4 students who are with her at her station. A young medical student was chosen to be her translator but after a few hours of working with and watching her, her translator told her friends about how amazing she was and now there are 4 of them sitting with her as she meets with her patients. They then ask her questions and hang on every word. Sapna loves it!

I thought I would give those of you who are interested, a verbal picture of how a medical camp works. You’ll be able to see through this how your donations are being spent.

· Registration: When people arrive they register with their name and contact information. They are then given a number and ask to take a seat in the auditorium

· Vitals: Patients then move through one of our “Vitals stations”, where we take their temperature, weight, blood pressure and pulse. All children are given de-worming medicine at the vitals station, which they chew immediately. All patients are asked about their physical problems and these are recorded on their stat sheet.

· Doctor’s exam: Once through vitals they move to one of our treatment rooms. Depending on their need they will see a doctor, a dentist or an eye care specialist.

· Exams and Labs: Our doctors may write a prescription, order an exam, an injection, or a lab test. We examine for cervical cancer, and perform various tests for malaria, typhoid and AIDS on site. We also offer male circumcision services.

· Pharmacy: Patients then move to the pharmacy where free medicine is dispensed according to their need.

· Follow Up: At the doctor’s stations many patients are referred to hospitals or free clinics for follow up.

· Medical Emergencies and Very sick patients: Our vehicles standby to transport those who have medical emergencies to local hospitals. We have a fund available to help to pay for their services. Patients who are very ill are also moved to the head of the line so they do not have to wait for services.

Through the course of any given day a number of lives will be saved. So many people die in Kenya simply because they cannot afford to see a doctor or to buy the medication need to treat their illness. The unfortunate situation is that some children will die for want of two dollars worth of antibiotics and many adults will struggle for years with conditions that could be easily treated with the right medication. A free medical clinic means life for so many people.

Once again, I can’t express enough how much we appreciate your prayers and your support. We are so blessed to be here on the front lines as your ambassadors to the poor and the needy. All of our team member are feeling great! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

You may give to WorldCOMP online at www.worldcompkenya.com/ways-to-help or give by mail at Worldcomp Kenya, 7758 Earl Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

Yours in His Service