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I am writing from the Dubai airport after the longest flight of my life. 14 hours and 15 minutes of hang time. Even Michael Jordan couldn’t top that. You might say “I’m glad it isn’t me, but believe me! The sacrifice is worth it. We have four wonderful people on our team. This will be the second trip for Dr. Sapna Jain. I wish you could all hear Sapna’s testimony of how her whole family of devout Hindu’s came to Christ through a crisis with her sister, Sungeeta. Such a powerful and moving story. I am so glad to have Sapna along, she is big inspiration to everyone, because she shares Christ with every patient in a way that almost always results in them receiving Christ, being healed or being baptized in the Spirit. Julie Stevens is a nurse and a teacher who works with Special Ed kids in Issaquah and attends Eastridge Assembly. She has such a precious spirit. 60% of the people we will be seeing in our camps will be children so she will be a big help there. Steve Findley is a Certified Public Accountant. He told me several months ago that he really felt the Lord wanted him to join us on this trip. Since he is not in the field of medicine, he has made a deal that he will just “do whatever he is told”. Now that’s the spirit! He knows finances and administration and I think he will be able to help us in this area. There is an enormous amount of bookkeeping and records keeping in our camps, so we may put a computer in his hand and let him to it. That will make our administrator, Mesheck, happy!

Our team on the Kenya side is going all out to prepare for the next three weeks. We begin on Monday with 3 days of medical camp in an area of Nairobi called “Mwiki”. Last year we had one of our best camps ever working with a church there. Literally hundreds of people from the church volunteer to help and they do things especially well.


We sat down in a circle in the SeaTac airport for a time of prayer before we left. Just before we began to pray Valerie noticed an young girl sitting nearby who looked like she was in distress. Her name was Kelly, she was 15 years old. Her flight had been cancelled and she was going to have to wait in the airport for over 12 hours to catch a plane. Valerie put her arm around her, comforted her, prayed for her and then led her to Christ. You should have seen the instantaneous change in her countenance. How wonderful! The Lord knows how to give us a jump-start for the days ahead.

Please keep us in your prayers. I’ll send a complete schedule just after I arrive.

Thanks to so many who gave to make this wonderful ministry possible.

You are loved


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