Miracles on Crutches and Sikh Seekers

Remember when I said that “Divine appointments seem to be looking for us?” Ever since we decided to give up a day of rest to minister to the YWAM base in Mombasa, we have been “under the spout where the Glory comes out”.

After we arrived in Kisumu on the 8 AM flight, we stopped off for a quick latte at our favorite coffee place. Val had to go the bathroom so she went down the hall. When she arrived the rest-room attendant told her she needed 20 bob to get in. “I don’t have 20 bob”, she said, “I’ll have walk back the coffee shop to get it. But an American close by said “Here, I have 20 bob”. When she got back to the coffee shop she went to thank this generous man for coming to the rescue. She asked them what they were doing in Kenya. It turns out that they were in Kenya as a part of a major ministry that is distributing wheelchairs, crutches, canes, walkers and artificial limbs to people with special needs. A guy from the US has managed to ship six 40ft containers over here full of this stuff. He himself walks with crutches. When he told us they have a warehouse full of this stuff just down the street, Valerie and Nancy had an “Ah Ha, Moment, and felt moved to ask them if it was possible to take some of these things to our widows conference because some of the older widows need the assistance of a walker. The man was actually thrilled! “We are going over there right now”, he said, “if you would like to join us”. “You can take as much as you’d like. Within 30 minutes we hired a pick up truck and now we have 20 walkers, 20 sets of crutches, 20 canes and 4 very expensive walkers with the fold seats and brakes (still in the box). The guys also gave us their phone number when we need more for our future medical camps. Talk about a divine appointment! Actually I think it was an answer to prayer for Nancy, because her mother had a stroke several months. Just a few days ago they were praying about how they could get a walker for her. “Abundantly, beyond, what could asked or think”. After all of that, all Nancy could say was “I HAVE NO WORDS”.

You’d think that would be the miracle of the day, but I believe what happened next was even a bigger miracle


We darted out of Kisumu to the home of some friends. They are a family with a Sikh background, but all three of the daughters and the mother have come to know the Lord. We love to visit this family. They are very dear to our hearts. As far as anyone knows they are the only Sikh Christians anywhere in the Kisumu area. The mother, whose name is Puppy, came to know the Lord through a powerful vision of Christ, but she has been troubled for several years by a spirit of fear. As a result of this she has literally unable to leave her house at any time. We had a very powerful time of prayer and deliverance for her. All of us could see a complete change in her countenance and demeanor following our prayer. Three of the four women have never been baptized so they asked us if we could baptize them in their home. So next Friday, when Garth and Danielle are here, we are going to baptize them in the large bathtub upstairs. I just can’t tell you how awed Valerie and I are over all that took place and the sense of destiny that rests on these women. We literally feel something moving in the heavens in this situation.

I also need to mention that we are reaping the results of seeds that have been sown by others in this area for many years. Jeannie Krueger labored in prayer over this household and the Indian community in Kenya for years. One last thing; the dad in this family is a man named Johnny. Johnny knew we were coming and welcomed us with open arms into his home, but then he quickly rushed out the door to find something to do that would move him away from the fire. In the end though, as we were about to leave I asked him about his health. He said that he was troubled with kidney stones and was doing his best just to ignore them and keep on working. Both Valerie and I asked him if we could pray for him. Well, what do you say? He said yes! Even though it was the first time in his life he has ever had anyone lay hands on him and pray. When I asked him to sit in one of his own chairs in his own living room he look a little frightened, but we prayed a powerful prayer. We would appreciate all who read this email to pray for him, the moment you read this. All of us feel that Johnny is going needs to have a reach touch from the hand of God, if he is going to find the courage to give up his years of cultural indoctrination and surrender to Christ.

I know I have written a long email here. Even at that I haven’t told everything that happened today. What a glorious day in Kenya!