Loaves and Fishes

Donna Leland wrote the following message to us yesterday. I felt I should pass it on to our friends:

Good morning Vicknairs,
As I was out for my morning walk, the Lord began to speak to me about “fishes and loaves”. We have so little compared to the vastness of our God. Our individual gifts are insignificant in comparison to the needs surrounding us. As gifted as you and Valerie are, your gifts pale in comparison to the human suffering you encounter in Kenya. “But God” (don’t you just love that phrase?!), when our gifts are given to Him, takes our gifts and multiplies and expands and miraculously feeds, heals, delivers and brings eternal life to many. Our “fishes and loaves” in our hands are puny – in God’s hands are vast. It’s an amazing and beautiful thing to see our God take our modest “fishes and loaves” and impact the multitudes in Kenya. It’s an amazing and beautiful thing to see God multiply and expand your ministry as you place it in His hands. The Lelands love the Vicknairs!

Thank you for sharing that Donna.

Valerie and I are praying that the Lord will provide $4000 for a few important projects while we are here in Kenya. May I be so bold as ask you to consider helping us financially with the following needs:

  • $1000 Olive Tree Microfinance Group – Kakamega
    • To expand their program and help the many women who are waiting for a loan
  • $1000 Solid Rock Widows Ministry – Majengo – Business developments for women
    • To expand their sowing and baking business to employ more widows
  • $1000 Olive Garden Microfinance Program – Narok
    • These funds are for vocational training programs for Young Masai Girls who are starting a new life in our Girls Rescue Center in Narok
  • $1000 Lenana School Teachers Support – Dagoretti Slums
    • Our teachers receive very little support, but they are making great sacrifices and their work is being powerfully blessed by the Lord

It would be a blessing to know how much we can spend, so if you wouldn’t mind emailing us and to let us know you are giving. Our emails: rvicknair and valvicknair

Give by mail:
Worldcomp Kenya Relief International
7758 Earl Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

Give online
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So your contributions are tax-deductible