Like a Box of Chocolates

FIRST NIGHT IN A KENYA BED: Another glorious reunion with our beloved friends in Kenya. 6 of them were there at the airport to greet us and another 10 or so were waiting for us at the Worldcomp House. Even the kids slept on living room floor in anticipation of our arrival. We arrived at the Worldcomp house at 10:30pm and were treated to a delicious full coarse Kenya meal. Following that, we drank tea and fellow-shipped until 12:30 in the morning. You never know what your first night will be like in Kenya. The time difference makes the jet lag a force to be reckoned with. Val must have a clean conscious because she slept soundly through the night. As for me, I was up 7 or eight times, but went back to sleep every time. Thanks for your prayers because both of us feel fresh this morning.

Today after breakfast we will pack up our 8 suitcases and head over to our apartment to unpack. We haven’t seen it yet, so we have some anticipation. Kenyan accomodations are like a box of chocolates! “You never know what you are going to get”, but there’s no doubt that this apartment is a miracle from God. Apartment hunting is very difficult here. It is in the perfect place, close to everything: The Kibera slums, the orphanage, the Worldcomp House, and the retreat center where the nurses are staying. And the best thing of all, it is on the right side of the “Jam” (The three hour morning traffic snarl). Mesheck said that the first time they saw it, it didn’t even have a “To Let” (for rent) sign. The Lord led to it sovereignly. Thanks for you specific prayer for this.

Both Valerie and I are down to the last page in our passports. There is a Kenyan visa on every page. When the folks in custom start looking for the current visa, they just smile and say, “Welcome Home!”

So the journey begins. We’ll will have a few days of rest and then off to the races.

Bless all of you back home. You are the best.

Richard and Valerie