Valerie arrived safely tonight at 8:25 pm but didn’t emerge from customs until 10:15pm. Recently she seems to be chosen by God to be tried and tested in airports. It’s almost weird! I just walk by security, with Val close behind and they stop her and say “you have been randomly chosen for a more thorough security check”. Tonight she arrived and one of her two suitcases was apparently taken by another passenger, so she had to wait for all the luggage to clear and then fill out the paperwork for lost luggage. We’d appreciate your prayer for the return of the suitcase. Some very essential stuff is in there! It took Val 31 hours to get here and the jet-lag will be a bear. Thanks everyone for praying for Valerie’s jaw. We are going to see a doctor tomorrow to try to figure out what the problem is.

The Northwest Team and I started out to visit Lenana School and the Home of Grace Orphanage, but we had to cancel at the last minute because one of the nurses was not well. I know this was a big disappointment to the kids because they always prepare songs and poems for our arrival and they have great joy in making their presentations. I promised the kids at the Orphanage that Valerie and I would come and visit them in a week or so and that we would bring them KFC and Ice Cream. Might not sound like much to you, but believe me this is like being invited to the King’s Banquet. It is truly rare for them to get any kind of restaurant food at all. For the most part though, they are a happy and blessed group of kids. We love them so much.

What an adventure this has been! Thanks for investing in this work. So many lives are being touched.

All our love

Rich and Val