KFC and Ice Cream

Sometimes you just can’t find the adjectives to describe the experiences of a day. At about 2pm we made our way over the Lenana School and then to our Home of Grace Orphanage. We were accompanied by Ellen Freed and Mery Donald. Mery is a professional photographer from Montana and Ellen comes from Bothell but also has a ministry in Montana called “Montana On A Mission”. It’s always a joy to have newcomers visit our kids for the first time. The experience is so unforgettable. Ellen’s husband Denny is connected with Pastor Ben Sterciuc and Vital Solutions who are building the clinic out in Masai country. Such wonderful people!

You should have seen Garth and Danielle in the middle of the kids. There are now connected forever! Danielle still isn’t feeling well but was so glad that she made the decision to spend the day with the kids. It was a special day for the kids at the orphanage. We brought them KFC and Ice Cream. Of the 20 kids and 4 staff members present, only one staff member and one child had ever tasted Ice Cream or KFC in their lives. So fun to watch! Each of the children was also presented with a new pair of shoes. Well, actually a used pair of shoes! Our resident social worker, Violet, had gone out and purchased every child the perfect pair of shoes with money we gave her last week.

Garth and Daniel had brought 13 pair of soccer shoes with them, which they got just before they left. Man! Were they beautiful! Turns out there are 13 players on our Lenana Rhinos Boys Soccer team and, if you can believe it, every boy had a pair of shoes that fit him perfectly. So sweet!

We have had so many “firsts” on this trip. Almost everyday we have done something that has never been done before. God has blessed every single day. We are riding on your prayers dear friends and we can’t thank you enough.

We were in invited to dinner by Ellen and Denny Freed to one of the finest restaurants in Nairobi, but we decided to stay with our orphans and eat chicken and chips and all of us were glad that we did. The day just couldn’t have been more perfect!