Each Part Doing Its Work


If we were just tourists in Kenya we would write home of the friendliness of the Kenyan people. We would report on the breathtaking beauty of this place, the wonder of the game park and the glory of the weather. Our mission however takes us to the underbelly of a nation riddled with corruption and selfish greed. A nation where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I have often commented about the fact that the plight of the poor, the orphan, the sick and the widow is such a vast and overwhelming problem that progress can look impossible. WorldCOMP Kenya however has made enormous progress, because even though we have tackled the problem one person at a time, we have now helped tens of thousands of people. Many of them have been helped to the degree that they have risen above their poverty and their circumstances.

At the close of our two months of ministry I want to again thank those who have made this possible; those who have generously given to our various projects and those who have supported us personally as missionaries. Thank you for your trust and for your many words of love and encouragement.

I know that I have not been shy in asking you to contribute to this ministry and throughout our years of doing this I have never been ashamed to beg for help for the poor, the sick, the orphaned or the widowed. As a matter of fact I feel called of God to bring these needs to the attention of those who might be able to help.

The Lord spoke to me the other day to seek out business owners and talk to them about building a well in Kenya. When a business takes on the whole of a well project they can post a picture of it on the wall and know that they have done something that will help desperate people for many years to come. If you are a business owner or know of a business owner I could sit down and talk with, I would be grateful for the referral. We have 4 well sites waiting for a miracle.

Again I want to encourage all within my reach to consider giving something regularly to the poor. It certainly doesn’t have to be WorldCOMP! I know there are so many needs in the World. That being said, I hope that you will join me in an all out effort to bring the good news and relief of suffering to those in this world who are hurting so badly. It is so easy to live in our world and be completely unaware that there are billions of people who are struggling to live on less than $2 a day.

If you are inclined to respond to regular giving we, at WorldCOMP, want to assist you in making it happen. If you would like us to send you envelopes for regular giving, please email our office at WS office

Your bank can also assist you in setting up automated giving, to ensure that something goes out regularly.

Our Mailing address is:

Worldcomp Kenya
7758 Earl Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

Our online giving address is: www.worldcompkenya.com/ways-to-help

One other thought! On a number of occasions I have prayed this prayer.

“Lord, send me ‘unexpected’ resources that I can pass onto the poor. And keep me mindful, that when those resources come that you are giving them to me to give to others.”

On a number of occasions that Lord has done just that. Try it and see what happens!
This will be my final email for now. Thanks for allowing me to invade your inbox for this past two months.

God Bless