Dreaming Big

Dreaming Big!

I couldn’t email yesterday because our internet was down. Finally got something working. We put Garth and Danielle on the plane for home a few hours ago. It was hard to see them go, because we have had such a marvellous time together and they really connected with the Kenyan people. In just 10 days we covered the whole country and we’ve visited an enormous number of kids and people. Valerie and I are tired, but so thankful for all the wondrous works of the Lord.

Yesterday was our Network Partners Seminar. 75 of our partners in ministry attended and we heard so many great testimonies. The different ministries we are connected with took turns sharing a report; Lenana School, The Home of Grace Orphanage, The Danso Aids Group, our medical leadership team, our Narok team, our Kibera Kids team and our new Kakamega Orphanage Committee took turns thanking God for all he has done. Even the government run “Shikusa Boys Prison” sent two representatives to the gathering all the way from Kakamega. For a while I thought that the prison staff wasn’t aware of all the things Worldcomp has done at the Boys Prison, but I was mistaken. A young staff member got up and shared every detail of our giving and involvement for the past 8 years. It was a very long list! On a side note they shared with Valerie that the young man we recently prayed for who had had a mental breakdown due to trauma in his life, was now completely healed and normal! PTL!

I was so blessed to hear nearly every group representative share a big vision for the future. They are growing! There was a time when they were waiting to hear what we were going to do next. Now they are dreaming of how God is going to use them in future. No one asked for money, but they asked for prayer that God would bring their dreams into reality. Let me just give you one example. Emily, who heads up our national medical outreach got up and shared her vision of 4 medical vans that would serve our medical camps; one that was a surgical theater, one a dental van, one a eye care salon and the other a pharmacy. Wow! May it be from her lips to God’s ears!

How we love these people. They are a group of people who are truly willing to lay down their lives for others and to be channels for the Lord’s resources to the poor and the sick. We had the time to intimately connect and fellowship.

Today we headed off to share with the City Center PEFA Church and had such a sweet time. Margaret Aoko (who we call Kababu) and her husband are now the pastors of a lovely down-town church. Their worship was the most up to date worship I have ever heard in Kenya. It was fabulous! Pastor Richard Vicknair (that’s me) brought a powerful message! At least that’s what everyone said.


While we were in worship I had a vision. Now let me say that Valerie is supposed to be the one who gets the visions, but God really gave me some direction on how to pray for the end to the corruption in the Nation of Kenya. We have been praying for a righteous President to be elected but I saw this morning that what must be done cannot be the work of one man. God is asking us to pray that a group of influential men and women would come together and rise up and say “Enough”. Men and women from the government, from the church, and from the business community who would enter into a solemn covenant before God to put aside all corruption and to give their lives for the restoration of the nation. If felt the Lord saying that this group would begin with only 3 men and would grow out from their to become a powerful voice for change. To the point were the corrupt leaders of this nation would have to choose which side they will stand on. So this is how I will now pray for Kenya. If this speaks to you, I invite you to join me.

We are coming home in 3 days! It’s been a great adventure, but I have to humbly admit that we are ready to come home.

Love you all

Richard and Valerie