Showers of Blessings: Day 2


I don’t know if there is any more wonderful place to visit on a Sunday Morning than the Mwiki Deliverance Church on the Eastern outskirts of Nairobi. The Spirit of love there makes you never want to leave. They have an incredibly talented group of singers and musicians who make worship amazing. The programs of the church are uniquely designed to minister to needs of the community. It was a great morning and a great place for our team to have their first experience with worship in the Kenyan culture.

Mwiki will be the sight of our first three days of medical camp. We begin at 8am tomorrow and we are expecting a huge crowd. Fortunately we are more prepared than ever. With each passing year we have become more organized and proficient at managing the large crowds of people needing medical care. Please keep us in prayer in the next three days. We are hoping to see many people healed and many come to Christ. The Mwiki church has a large group of volunteers who will be helping us. I used my sermon this morning to prepare them to connect with people in the right way. The best way is one on one in an intimate setting.

Tonight we gathered 30 of our key WorldCOMP leaders at WorldCOMP headquarters for fellowship and instruction. We went around the room and each person shared about their role. They also shared their reason for involvement with Medical camps. I was incredibly move by their deep commitment to serving the needs of the poor in Kenya. To be a part of building a “family” of people so deeply committed to this work has definitely been one of the great joys of my life. All of us have a clear sense that God is very pleased with the work of WorldCOMP. He has continued to shower blessings on us.

We have truly been blessed to be a blessing.

My deepest appreciation goes out to all of you back home who have joined us in giving financially to this wonderful work. May God reward you for you sacrifices.

More tomorrow.

All my love