Boo Hoo

Well I’ve come down with a sinus infection from inhaling the dust of Western Kenya. By the time we got from Kakamega to Kisumu our clothes were covered with dust. So I have a headache, my sinuses are throbbing, my throat is sore, my nose is running, I am coughing and sneezing and wheezing……….O.K. I’ll be fine. No worries, just thought I’d tell the truth for a second. Really it will pass!

Took Val to the doctor today for an examination of her jaw. Let me tell you going the doctor is completely different here in Kenya. Val had a CT scan, a thorough exam and a number of blood tests. The Kenyan Doctor we saw really knows his stuff. We were very impressed with his knowledge. It’s TMJ but the doctor is going to find out why, so it doesn’t persist or happen again.


We visited one of our favorite places today “Amani Ya Ju”, which means “Peace From Above”. This is a place where refugee women become successful business women; a place of restoration and hope. We are using this place as a model for the widow’s center in Majengo. The Lord has given us a sign about this place. Every time Valerie shows up the founder of the place “Becky Chin Chin” is there. The reason this is significant is that she is seldom there. We arrived on a Monday and the first thing she told Val is that she is never there on Monday. It’s just a little sign to us and to Becky that God is knitting us together in ministry. I felt led to offer to have a medical camp on the ground of the facilities for the children and extended families of all women who work at the center.

We have Kathy Pryor staying with us for a few days. We are so glad to be able to offer Kathy a place of peace and fellowship away from the pressures of the YWAM base and the heat of Mombasa. It’s great to have her around.

Just recently there have been a number of donations to Worldcomp. I want to thank those of you who have remembered us in prayer and with financial support. When we are here expenses are high but God supplies. I wish every one of you could experience the great joy of carrying such blessings from God’s people in America to the poor of Kenya. There’s nothing like it!