A New Project?

Just dragged myself in from 4 days in Narok and Masai Mara. The weekend couldn’t have been more glorious, even though we had several major car breakdowns. Feedback is coming from our Medical camp deep inside Masai territory. Those who were ministered to were extremely blessed and appreciative. Today (Sunday) we preached in two different churches in the city of Narok. Great time.

I spent several hours with Lucy Kamau talking about the Masai Girls Rescue center. A new development has come up. As you may remember Lucy’s husband, John Kamau, spent 25 years pastoring a church in the city of Narok. He rose to become the most respected man in the entire region, yet carried himself with genuine humility. More than 3000 people attended his funeral last year. They came to honor a true man of God. At the funeral a grand offering was taken to complete Lucy’s house, because it was half finished when he died. It is now a lovely home. Now the Bishop of their denomination and the elders of the church want to give Lucy the title deed to the school that the church started a number of years ago. There is a large area of land and a number of facilities. The school has not been well managed in recent years so the student population is way down from it’s previous numbers. Everyone knows that Lucy cares very much about this school and they believe that she is the one to manage it. Today we talked about relocating the Masai Girls Rescue Center to this facility and rebuilding the school. I have a strong sense that the Lord wants us to commit to feeding the children of this school in the future, like we do for our children in the slums of Narobi. Please pray about this with me, because I feel a strong sense that the Lord wants us to Partner with Lucy in this endeavor.

Blessings to all of you back home,

More tomorrow.