WORLDOMP KENYA – Praise God from Whom All Blessings flow


Greetings from Richard and Valerie Vicknair and the Worldcomp Family in Kenya and in the US:

Valerie and I are making plans at this very moment to head back to Kenya in February and March. We and our Kenya team will be hosting an 8 member team of nurses from Northwest University School of Nursing for the entire month of February. They will be working with us each weekend to host medical camps in strategic areas for the poor. In addition to this we will be moving all around Kenya visiting and strengthening our works and projects in Kenya. Please remember us in your prayers as we put together our itinerary. And please pray about supporting us in this. Our financial support comes from three different sources. First we have a monthly Social Security check, then we have a modest support from Westside Church and thirdly we have some missions support from a number of friends who support us in our missions work. In order for us to be gone for several months at a time we need to raise “special support” for the months of February and March. Please consider standing with us in this. It would be an answer to prayer!

Please send financial support to Worldcomp Kenya, Seattle, WA 98117 Online giving at


Several weeks ago we sponsored a “Kenya Night”. We had a very meaningful time with about 60 people who are standing with us in the work we are doing in Kenya. A dear friend walked into the meeting with a large check for $21,000. He shared with me that the Lord had put it on his heart to build the building for the new orphanage in Kakamega. We now have $25,000 for this project. Because we already own the land, this money will be enough to build the entire building. It will serve 50 orphans at a time and it will be our Worldcomp operations center in Western Kenya. We still need $5000 for the well and $5000 for the furnishings, but we can now move forward with the building of the building. I thought to myself, “What a legacy!” For the cost of a new car, my brother is investing his treasure in something that will minister to hundreds and hundreds of desperate children for many years to come. It was very inspiring to me!


Our dear friend, Nancy Odwaro, called us the other day to see if we had the resources to help the widows center in Majengo with a few pressing needs. Our “Solid Rock” widows center in Majengo ministers to over 600 widows. The Lord spoke to the widows several years ago and gave them a word. He told them not to expect help from the government or from the community and He promised them that He would give them strategies to help each other. Since that time, the Lord has helped them to help themselves in a number of specific ways. They are starting a sowing business at the center that will employ a number of widows. Right at this moment they are training 30 widows from a number of different areas to start baking businesses. They are being trained at the center as I write this. These 30 women will return to their own areas and set up businesses with groups of widows. At the same time they are learning to make soap. Last year a donor gave us the money to order a candle-making machine for them also. That machine will be delivered shortly and more than 25 women will use this machine to make candles for a living. Within a short time this widows center will be a bee-hive of industry and will enable hundreds of women to support their families.


First of all they need $2300 to buy three doors and two large windows to secure the second floor of the Widows Center to protect their cooking and sewing equipment from the elements and from being stolen. Secondly they need $500 for buy food and supplies for their December widows Conference, which will host 350 widows. Lastly there is a big opportunity, which will require a miracle. The neighbors next to the widows center are now wanting to sell a two acre parcel of land which would provide the widows center with a parcel of land on which to have a “pea patch” where a number of widows can grow produce to feed their families. The land also has a nice house on it, that can be rented by the widow’s center as a source of income for the center. The price tag is $11,250. I told Nancy I would let this need be known in the hopes that the Lord would speak to someone about investing in this important project.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

God is good, all the time!