When the Sidebar is bigger than the Main Page

So many things have happened here that were not on our agenda.  As a matter of fact God’s sidebar has been much bigger than our main page.  Our minds were blown again today by what the Lord had in store for us.  Our plan was to go with Nancy Odwaro and Doreen Kamau to visit a place called Amani Ya Juu.  I have written previously about this marvelous ministry that is restoring the lives of refugee women from various countries.  A woman named Becky Chinchen started this ministry in 1996.

Before we left the house today we viewed a video where Becky was speaking about Amani Ya Juu.  After the video, Valerie said “I really feel that the Lord is telling me that we are going to meet Becky at Amani today”.  As we stepped into the textile store, there was Becky standing in the shop.  Becky told us that she only comes to the center for a few hours each week.  The Lord’s timing is always perfect.  Let me tell you, Valerie connection between Valerie and Becky was electric.  They fit together like biscuits and butter.  We took the tour of the facilities and the first thing the women did was sing us a song of welcome and give us a blessing.  Then we visited all the women as they were working on their wares.  The love was thick and we were greeted like relatives.  After our second visit we all feel like family.

Following our tour Becky came and sat with us as we waited for our lunch.  She shared about Amani and we shared about Worldcomp and it we instantly recognized that our core values and principles were almost identical.  Becky invited a Kenyan woman named Joyce to join us.  She is the Kenya National Director for Amani.  She was such a blessing!  She shared great things with Nancy Odwaro in preparation for a new ministry at the Widows Center and then she invited Nancy and Doreen to come to the center with a team anytime for inspiration and instruction.

Almost every day now the Lord is arranging divine connections for us.  We are networking and building partnerships with many people here in Kenya.  Foundations are being laid for the future.  We left Amani Ya Juu with a big “wow” on our lips.  God is good, all the time!

We are looking forward to a visit from Del Irwin and Corbett Stubbert next week.  We have a great itinerary set for the two weeks they are here.

We certainly do miss our kids and grandkids and we miss all of you.

All our love,