The Solid Rock Widows Center


Day Two – Majengo Widows Center

I arrived last night a bit late because of some security problems at the Paris Airport. Then when I arrived at the Nairobi Airport they didn’t have a bus to transport us from the plane to the international arrivals. Welcome to Kenya! By 11:30 pm we arrived at the new Worldcomp Complex in Nairobi. Recently, Osborn and other members of the Worldcomp team were forced to move out of our rented house in Nairobi. The main problem was that the sewers were backing up in the house and the owner refused to have it fixed. As so many things go for us, it was a Godsend. This new house is so much better than the old one and cost the same price. It has gorgeous tile throughout and plenty of room for guests, storage and our Worldcomp Office. It also has a lovely guest room with a private bath. I am sharing that with you just to let you know that we have a place for you to stay when you come to Kenya.

Up this morning at 4am to catch the 6am flight to Kisumu. As I write this I am sitting at the table with Mama Nancy Odwaro, one of my favorite people. In a few minutes we will head out to the Widows Center to begin our first day of Medical Camp. The very first day at our first venue is always the most challenging. We have so many people and supplies to move and so many things to set up. It takes a few days for things to begin to run smoothly.

We arrived to find about 600 people waiting for us at the widows center. As usual the crowd is made up mostly of elderly people and children. Here in this part of Kenya there is an inordinate amount of Jiggers. They are nasty little creatures about the size of a flee that burrow under the skin and cause terrible infections, mostly in the hands and feet. After several months without treatment the hands a feet swell up and just look terrible. Our team has learned how to treat them with antiseptic but my heart goes out to the scores of children who are suffering with this affliction. Our medical team is larger than usual, which really blesses my heart. First of all it makes the day go quicker and second it is great to see more and more medics joining us in this work. We have a team doing dental work and another doing eye care. What a blessing it is to be a part of this ministry.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Even after a grueling trip and very little sleep I feel marvelous.

More to come later