Social Customs

Tonight as we had dinner in the home of a lovely new friend named Stella, I was stuck by how much we have to learn from Kenyans. On the one had they live in a crazy and disorganized world, but on the other hand they have preserved some social traditions what we have lost. In the past few days we have visited the homes of a number of our Kenyan friends and we were deeply touched by some of the things they say and do. First of all, when you come to the home of a Kenyan they are deeply honored by your presence and take the time to tell you in the most descriptive language. And it is not pretense , they really mean it. I have been struck and inspired by how much the Lord is honored in our discussion. Also, we have never left a home without a meaningful time of prayer. I am asking the Lord to help me to carry some of this home, because I think that much of our interaction and conversation is very superficial.

Tonight is Corbett and Del’s last night with us. It has been so wonderful to have them with us. Del Irwin is the President of the Worldcomp Board back home and on this trip that has been a celebrated fact. He has been involved in many discussions with our leadership and with our network partners that will give him insight and wisdom for future plans and decisions. Corbett, as you know, has a genuine heart for people in need. Most of the time when we speak at our church of what we are doing here in Kenya, he is the man who makes the announcement. His being here has given him a deep understanding of what is really happening here and I know that will be enormously helpful to us in the future. We have really had some powerful times together in the Lord.

I am grateful that the church has sent them to be here with us during this important time.

Blessings to all of you back home and thank you for your prayers and support.