Shikusa Boys Detention Center

Today we visited the Shikusa Boys Detention Center.  We always look forward to our time with these boys.  We have been coming to Shikusa for eight years now and almost every time we come there is a completely new group of boys.  Fortunately it is not like starting over again, because there a number of the prison staff who are dynamic Christians and they have no hesitation to share the Lord with the boys and leading them in worship and prayer.  The boys really wanted to bless us by singing songs, quoting bible verses and giving testimonies.  Several boys got out plastic buckets and used them as drums.  They were incredibly good and they were a blessing to watch.  Our entire team shared something with the boys to encourage them in their walk with the Lord.  I asked our driver, Kevin, to give a short message and an invitation to accept Christ.  I had no idea how he would do, but he brought a fabulous word on “how to have God’s favor” and when he gave the invitation 13 boys came forward.   And it was not one of those “every eye closed and every head bowed” moments.  The boys came forward right in front of their peers, they knelt down on the floor and they prayed with passion to receive the Lord.  What a blessing.

Our team came bearing precious gifts.  We dragged 5 heavy suitcases clear across the world with 300 pounds of books and bibles for the boys.  The books were carefully selected for teenage boys and the prison staff was really excited about them.  We also bought $500 worth of curriculum for the detention center school.  The biggest hit though was the 200 rolls of toilet paper.  It’s a sad thing but the government does not have toilet paper in the budget for the boys.  Coincidentally the boys had just complained about having no toilet paper so they prayed with one of the staff members about this.  Two days later we show up with the TP.  God cares about the small things.

Through a donation we received, we are going to provide the material to resurface the basket ball court, put up new back boards and install a volley ball net on the sport court.  Nothing excites teenage boys like good sports equipment.

Tonight our Worldcomp team held a banquet for business leaders, politicians and church leaders to introduce the ministry of Worldcomp to the community.  Truth be told I was holding my breathe because these things can turn out to be a disaster because hotels are understaffed and disorganized, but the meeting was absolutely wonderful.  The sharing from business leaders and politicians was very inspiring and the room was packed.  I am very proud of the way our Kenyan leaders are maturing in the way they do things.  Praise the Lord.

Another wonderful day in paradise.  Glad all of you are with us in prayer and financial support.  Together we are bringing hope to many people.

Bless you all my dear friends.  More to come