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Mission to Africa

August 7th – 23rd MEDICAL MISSION

“The Best Medical Camps in Kenya”

Our Medical camps are being called the “Best Medical Camps in Kenya” by members of the Kenyan government and Kenyan medical community. Participants we be part of a joint team of Americans and Kenyans who will examine and treat over 10,000 patients in two weeks.

We need: Medical Professional, Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, eye care specialists, etc. We also need a support team of child care workers, prayer room workers, and helpers of all kinds.

The cost? $2600 per person (all inclusive): This will cover airfare, lodging, meals, and transportation. Your missions cost will be tax-deductible

More information on the information sheet below

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WorldComp Kenya Relief Medical Camp

Leave Seattle August 7 – Return Seattle August 23

Information Sheet

Team Leader: Richard Vicknair – International Director – Worldcomp

Camp Medical Director: Dr George Matimbai – Doctor/ Pharmacist – Kakamega Kenya

Our U. S. Team will be comprised of: Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Dentists, and other Health Care Professionals, child care workers and volunteer support staff. This year the team will 8-10 people

Our Kenya Team will be comprised of: Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Medical Officers and lab techs, and over 100 volunteers who will help with child care, Prayer Support and Camp management, set up, clean up and crowd Control

Schedule: The schedule will be 2 days of medical camp followed by 1 day of rest. We will have 8 total days of Medical Camp. During that time we will see over 10,000 patients.

Drugs, medical supplies: Worldcomp will purchase all medications. They will be free to all patients and will be purchased in Kenya; assembled and waiting for us

Testing: Basic Lab Work and Testing for HIV, Malaria, Typhoid and other diseases will be done on sight in co-operation with the Kenya Ministry of Health

What to bring: Each doctor or nurse will need to bring a kit with some basic tools of the trade: We have many stethoscopes, but you may wish to bring you own. If you have access to an Otoscope/Opthalmoscope it would be very helpful (they are always in short supply. White lab coats are provided for everyone, but you may want to bring scrubs.

Other items Recommended: Snack Bars, Sun Screen, flashlight, etc

Costs: $2600 per person (all inclusive – Airfare, housing, transportation and food) We recommend that each team member bring a few hundred dollars for souvenirs and personal items. Tickets will be purchased through Worldcomp’s travel agent. WorldComp Kenya Relief will raise the money for medications and medical supplies.

Deadlines for commitment and payment:

$1600 for airfare by July 1st

$1000 payment for expenses by July 30th

Precautions: Once you have decided to join the team we will send you an information sheet on immunizations and malaria medications. We will be ministering to some very sick people, (Typhoid, Cholera, Malaria, AIDS) and many of them have poor hygiene. While we want to show them love, we encourage every participant to use disinfectants, gloves, masks and take precautions while working with and praying for the sick.

Visas: Visas will be obtained before the trip. We will send you complete instructions on how to go about this. Your visa will cost $50.

Accomodations: We will not be “roughing it”. Our accommodations, while inexpensive and “Kenyan”, will be clean and safe. We will have our own vans for transportation.

Communications with Home: Team members will be able to call home as often as they like using Worldcomp’s phones. Internet access is available 24 X 7. Labtops will be available to you. You will also be able to use your smartphone or ipad at one of the many “hotspots” in town.

Need more info? We are happy to talk to you by phone or email anytime. Phone 206-794-****