Poured out as an offering


You talk about heroes! Our Worldcomp Kenya team has poured themselves out as an offering to the Lord. After we finished in Kakamega most of our team took an overnight bus to Nairobi. The rest of team left Kakamega at 5am and drove for 8 hours with a van load of medicine. Tomorrow we will all be up by 4:30 am so we can load up and get the camp set up by 7am. Pray for us because we are expecting record crowds. One unexpected blessing is that the church at Mwiki (where we will be on Thursday and Friday) had 22 medical personnel sign up to help us and they don’t want any kind of remuneration for their services. Mercy is falling like sweet, sweet rain.

Most of us are now spending the night in our new Worldcomp House in Nairobi. This house is such a gift from God. It is a 7 bedroom house and it is just lovely. The landlord really loves us and we are looking forward to many years of partnership with him.

As always the days seem extra long when I am in Kenya. We pack so much into each day. I will be home in just 6 days, but the next few days will be intense.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support.