Our 2014 Ministry Opportunities


Dates:  August 8-23, 2014

Our medical camps have been acclaimed as “the best run and equipped medical camps in Kenya”, by the Kenyan medical community.  Our team of Americans will work alongside a committed group of Kenyans to serve over 1000 patients per day.   Most of the people we serve cannot afford a doctor or the medicine they need to recover.  Many lives are saved in our camps.  Each and every person is prayed for and many will come to know Christ.  We need doctors, nurses, pharmacists, optometrists, dentists, and lab techs, but we also need others who will help with childcare, hospitality and crowd management, prayer partners, food services and set up.  The cost per individual is $2800 all inclusive (airfare, meals, lodging, transportation and expenses).  Please contact us for more information on visas, passports, immunizations, etc.    WorldCOMP will pay for all medicine, medical supplies and camp related expenses.