News from Medical Camp “Can I pray for you?”


On the second day of our camp in the village of Musungu a sweet peace rested over the camp. I had a talk with the volunteers from the church to instruct them on how to minister to people on the grounds. Most of the time a church is completely unaware of the opportunity that they have before them. To us, it’s a medical camp but to them it is one of the most effective outreaches they could ever have. Our approach has been to just ask people this simple question; “can I pray for you while you are waiting”. It’s amazing what happens when this question is asked. Everyone says “yes”, believers, non-believers, even Muslims! People share their names and they begin to talk about their problems, they often tell their life story. A connection is made between a loving Christian and a total stranger. I have been amazed at how many healings and salvations have resulted from simply asking people if we can pray for them. Other things happen! People are invited to church, telephone numbers are exchanged and a relationship begins. How simple it all is. In our camp at the Kayole Church in Nairobi last year more than 400 people accepted Christ and over 100 of them showed up for church the next Sunday. They made a connection with someone who connected them with God. Sometimes we worry way too much about how we should share Christ with people. Remember the KISS Principle? Keep It Simple Stupid! People don’t need a sermon they just need to know they are loved by God and by God’s people!

I witnessed my first circumcision today. Not something you hear someone say everyday, is it? Just so you know, I will not be posting it on YouTube. You know, I should have been a doctor, but at this point in my life I will have to settle for working with doctors. I admire their work so much. We have more than 30 doctors, nurses, technicians and pharmacists with us today. In our camps next week in Nairobi we will have more than 60. I can’t say enough about this group of people who have left their normal jobs to go on this adventure with us. I believe that they are catching a vision. A general practitioner named, Hilda (who’s last name I can’t pronounce) joined us for the first time. She works at the hospital in Kakamega. She came at the end and told me that she practically had to be forced to participate because she just couldn’t imagine working in the field the way we were, but after working with us she said “I want to be a permanent member of this team, we have served people who have no access to medical care and I was blessed in doing it.”

Another thing! We pulled 74 teeth just today in our dental room. So many people came in in pain and left relieved. I left Musungu this afternoon with a great sense of joy, knowing that we have brought hope and relief to the neediest of the needy in this world.

Tomorrow will be the only day that resembles a day of rest for me. We will break ground and dedicate a piece of land in Kakamega for our second orphanage and then I will catch the afternoon flight to Nairobi.

Wish all of your were here! Blessings to all