Meditate on this

One of the reasons I love the Kakamega Church so much is their emphasis on Character. For the past several months they have been doing a series on Character in their Sunday School class. The church has a large number of men and women who can teach very well. As I walked into church this morning a young man named George Tenge was telling a story to illustrate his point. It went like this: A pastor finished a marvelous message one Sunday morning concluded by saying “I want to pray for women this morning with unsaved husbands”. A number of women stood, but the first one the stand was the pastors’ own wife!

He told this story to illustrate that it’s not how we live on Sunday morning that really counts, it’s how we live on Monday morning. Let us pause and ponder!

This afternoon we had a meeting at a local hotel with medical people, worldcomp leaders and volunteers to prepare for our medical camp tomorrow in the village of Ibinzo. I was expecting to see a dozen or so people, but when I walked in I saw 35. With each passing year more and more medical professionals are wanting to join us in this work. Almost all the men were in their 20’s. It seems that those who are just our of college and med schools still have a passion for community service and we have the opportunity to fan that flame in their lives. As our Worldcomp Med team interacted with them I was so impressed with the group of medics that are in Worldcomp leadership. Talk about “knowing your stuff”, this group is amazing.

The more I know about what is happening in Medical camps in Kenya, the more I can see just how unusually blessed we are. Thanks be to God, who has blessed us with all Spiritual blessings.

As I write this, it is 7:30 in the evening. I am sitting in my 3rd story room looking out at a lighting and rainstorm that is awesome. A lighting bolt came down a few minutes ago that was so powerful that I literally jumped in my chair. I know I am not normal, but I love these things. On a more responsible note, please pray that the rain holds off until 6pm tomorrow because the roads to Ibinzo are impassible in the rain. Perhaps a night on the floor of the Ibinzo Church wouldn’t hurt us either.

In any event blessing to all of you back home. You are greatly loved.