Low Hanging Fruit

We just returned from a walk in to the marketplace.  Valerie has developed a relationship with the 10 women who are selling souvenirs in front of the market.  Each time we pass there she stops.  They exchange a few hallelujahs and Praise the Lords and then pray.  Today just as they were beginning to pray a beautiful young girl from Eritrea came right up to Valerie and said “Will you pray for me?”  Valerie said “Are you sick?”  “No”, she said, “My heart is sick”.  Valerie prayed with her to receive Christ while her older sister, who is a dynamic Christian stood there and sobbed.  This moment was the answer to her prayers.  All the ladies stood there in awe and one of them looked at me and said “Your wife is so powerful”.  There is so much “low hanging fruit here in Kenya” and Valerie hardly ever misses the chance to harvest.  And to think that Valerie and I have talked many times about the fact that she almost didn’t come for fear that her health might fail.  Now she is very much wanting to stay one more month, because there is so much more to do.  I am praying about this but I haven’t got a word yet.

Today we had lunch at the home of Pastor John and Mary Indagiza.  They are the couple that runs our Kara Kibera Children’s Center.  Their home is located in an awful place deep in the Kibera Slums.  You have to walk through a thousand foot maze of little trails to get there and there is wet sewage and garbage everywhere.  Their home is comprised of two rooms, each separated by a wall of bedsheets.  They have to carry water several hundred feet to their home and the toilets are “just down the block”.  John and Mary have raised 6 children in this little place and they have taken in other children along the way.  At this present point there are 8 people living in their little two room place.  Pastor John and Mary live in the slums, because this is where the people they care for live.  Several years ago John was given a “Prestigious Community Service Award” from Daystar University here in Nairobi, for his 10 years of service and sacrifice for the children and people of Kibera.  John and Mary are two of the most honest and frugal people I have ever met in Kenya.  You only have to look at their home to know that they have never used the Kara Kibera Children’s Center enrich themselves.  During our lunch John shared a need with me that I want to share with all of you.
The Kara Kibera Childrens Center receives just over $300 a month from us for the care and feeding of their 125 children.  The rent for their 4 school rooms is $75 and the cost giving their staff a small allowance is $100.  This leaves only $125 per month for food.  Because of this they run out of food every month and the last 10 days of the month the children are fed “once in a while”.  We love these children very much and we have visited them many times.  My heart was deeply touched as John shared.  With only $125 more a month they can feed these precious kids through the whole month and add more to their numbers.  So I told John that I would write to our friends and supporters and see if there are those who would help us raise their level of support for food.  For just $1500 a year we can do this.  The best support comes from individuals who give small amounts regularly, but any one-time gift would help very much.  Another need is for some cash to finish the walls in two of the four classrooms.  A few hundred dollars would buy the cement to accomplish this.  Please make this a matter of prayer.  I can tell you this, there is a special blessing from the Lord for those who give to and serve the poor and nothing give one more satisfaction than to know that you have helped someone who is helpless.
On Friday the Northwest University Nurses will join us for our very first Medical camp at the Kara Kibera Children’s Center.  We intend to minister to the whole community around the center but we haven’t advertised because we don’t want to be swamped and overpowered by the need.  Please pray for us as we do this, because the medical need of the people and children of Kibera are enormous.
If you feel a response to join us in the care and feeding of these precious kids you may do so in several ways:
Send a check to:
       Worldcomp Kenya
       7758 Earl Ave NW
       Seattle, WA 98117
       Please put Kibera Children on the Memo line
Note:  If you give online there is no way to designate so please send a note to our bookkeeper, Glenda:  gwright@westsidechurch.com letting her know about your designated gift:
All contributions to Worldcomp Kenya are 100% tax-deductible
Thanks everyone, You are loved